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Meet Your Operations Director

Whether you are looking for Community Association Management Service with Rocket Association Management, or Individual Property Management Services with RLL Real Estate Group, choose your manager wisely. Due to my vast history in the field of professional Property Management, I have obtained the skills to create, enforce, and always uphold policies and procedures. Since you have reviewed the services we provide for Association Management, here is some insight to basic Property Management for your investments.

When choosing a manager you want to be sure to find someone with experience, so after 21 years, we know how to solve a vast area of unfortunate situations that may arise out of everyone's control. Choose someone who has experience also dealing with other things that can affect the legality of a lease such as, tenant death, tenant breakup/divorces, bankruptcies, tenant abandonment, and if a tenant chooses to cancel a lease. Even though I do my best to screen and obtain the best tenants, naturally things can happen. I am very caring and diligent, but also very disciplined so my owner and my owners' homes are always my first priority.

I am an expert in core tenant law and know how to handle situations that arise with giving your home in the possession of another. Because I've been attorney trained, I have a professional relationship with my attorney who also constructs my leases and is continuously making updates to protect owners. In Florida, Tenants have more rights and we can only enforce what is written in the binding lease contract. There is a reason why my lease is 25 pages long.


I charge NO legal fees to owners. Most other managers have what I consider, very neglectful fees imposed on owners when they are already experiencing harm in their tenant relationship. Because I use my attorney's drawn lease, it connects a legal representation to all our owners. The attorney is then our liaison and free advisor during the life of the lease, and represents an eviction if needed. 3 day notices and 7 day non-compliances are also free to owners we represent. There is a fee for the evictions to the local Clerk of Courts, but it comes from the tenant's security deposit. Most companies impose an additional fee to owners and charge in other areas that are unnecessary.


I also require tenant accident insurance that covers owners property if the tenant were to start a fire, flood, smoke, etc. The policy covers the owners property from tenant related damages with no deductible up to 100K. This is paid by tenant at no cost to owners.


If and when a new tenant is needed I will list to prevent as much vacancy period as possible. Just like if an owner were to sell a home there is a commission due using the first month's rent called a procurement fee. This is to help market the property in our local MLS. This is where your most worthy tenants will be produced from. Worthy tenants have no issues and nothing to hide from being represented by our local realtors. I will conclude a thorough background and income screening.

Highlighted Services We Provide:

  1. Quarterly inspections

  2. Repair/Maintenance-We will keep owners informed of all maintenance. We will support owners' decisions on how their maintenance is handled and help guide them to better resources for the best pricing. 

  3. Hurricane/Storm assistance- Although tenants are not responsible to protect an owner's home from weather patterns out of our control, we strive to assist all tenants once an approaching storm is declared. We have developed procedures that have successfully allowed Management, tenants, and owners; work together towards property perseveration. We will be happy to explain our storm procedures that include preparation, support during, and cleanup efforts. 

  4. Free ACH of Rental Funds to an account of the owner's choice. 

  5. Free Online Accounting and Support-Owner can log onto a Management application to view statements, lease, accounting, and other tenancy related material. 

  6.  Expanded accounting support to owners for end of year statements to include but not limited to P&L, Cash Flow Reports, and Income statements. 


Let us know how we can help you with your Property Management Needs!




Rachel DeCamp LREA, Property Manager, LCAM 50050, Notary Public

1127 S Patrick Dr #28 Satellite Beach FL 32937

Direct: 321-403-7155 Office: 321-622-5106 Fax: 321-425-4780

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Brevard County Property Manager

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