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Meet the RAM-CAMS

Meet Shane, a seasoned professional who has held a real estate license since 2014. With a genuine passion for helping people find their perfect homes, Shane has accumulated a wealth of experience in navigating the dynamic real estate landscape. His commitment to delivering exceptional service and his in-depth knowledge of the industry have become the pillars of his approach to real estate.

In 2019, Shane's expertise expanded further when he obtained a community association management license. This additional qualification has allows him to approach real estate from a holistic perspective, ensuring not only the success of individual properties but also the thriving of the communities they are a part of.

Originally hailing from the enchanting city of St. Augustine, Shane's heart found its true home on the Space Coast back in 2010. The serene coastal environment coupled with the region's vibrant energy have made it the perfect backdrop for both his professional and personal pursuits. Alongside his cherished wife and their two canine companions, Shane finds joy in the enriching experiences this area provides.

When not fully engaged in real estate ventures, Shane and his wife indulge in activities that ignite their shared love for adventure. They are both ardent proponents of maintaining an active lifestyle, regularly exploring the picturesque trails and sandy beaches the Space Coast boasts. But their sense of exploration isn't confined to land – they are avid scuba divers, consistently seeking the hidden wonders beneath the waves.

A fervent traveler, Shane believes in the transformative power of experiencing new places and cultures. Whether embarking on a spontaneous weekend getaway or a meticulously planned international expedition, he and his wife thrive on the enriching experiences that each adventure brings.

In an ever-evolving world, Shane finds solace in the stability of the real estate industry while embracing the excitement of every new challenge. His ultimate objective remains resolute: to offer unwavering guidance, support, and expertise to his clients as they navigate significant real estate decisions.


Whether one is seeking a forever home, looking to invest, or simply curious about the current market trends, Shane stands ready to be the trusted partner on this exhilarating journey.


Shane Turner


Phone: 321-258-9516


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