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How Can We Launch Your Association?

Rocket Association Management Welcomes Your Association

Doing Business, the RAM-CAM Way! Representing Brevard County Florida

Rachel DeCamp-LCAM 50050 Launches Community Management into Brevard County Florida as a 20-year veteran professional of Real Estate and Property Management. Providing out of this world representation of Condo's and Homeowners Associations. Experience Matters! Let's see how RAM can launch your corporation into orbital success.

More About Rocket Association Management

Our Launch Story

Rocket Association Management-RAM was founded to assist associations with adequate and efficient representation. After many years as a Licensed Real Estate Agent and accomplished Property Manager, Rachel DeCamp knew this industry needed fresh representation to meet strong standards of improving associations to healthy operations. As a multi-licensed businesswoman, she has seen the dangers and weaknesses of corporations not adequately abiding by the Governing Documents and Florida Statutes.


Her legal contacts and business partner relationships have launched communities to a new level of standard and performance. Policy and procedures, healthy budgets, and active Board of directors and members, are keys to a harmonious community. Let's work together for your investment, which is your home, in your association where your equity depends on quality management. The RAM-CAM Way!

Sincerely Your LCAM,


Rachel DeCamp-50050



We can Customize the Community's Needs on Request!

We’re committed to helping our communities every step of the way and providing useful services to take some responsibility off the Board of Directors. Read below to learn about the most important aspects and services we provide. We are constantly growing and expanding our service options. Every community is different. We can customize your needs for your community's culture. If you have an active board and members, we can take on specific tasks to help maintain your operations. If you lack volunteers, we can be more active to achieve the utmost necessities. As you decide to partner with RAM as your Management team, please feel free to check out our resource links below. New Laws pertaining to compliance, policy, and procedures are below.

Annual Election Brochure

Florida Sunshine Law

Owner Rights and Responsibilities

Senate Bill 4-D Association Reserves

Board Meeting

Board and Members Meetings

Updated Technology and Communication Tools

Online meetings are the new culture! Zoom meetings are available for associations to utilize, so all members from anywhere can attend and stay up to date with important matters regarding their community. At no additional charge to associations, whether in person or by online platform; RAM will plan, moderate, and document your monthly meetings.  All legal minutes including actions, votes, and plans by the BOD and members will be recorded and documented. Meetings are one of the most important aspects of running the day-to-day operations. Minutes are legal record of any corporation's progress. Let's get organized effectively! 

Please feel free to review an election procedure brochure see link above.

Legal and Governing Documents

Policies and Procedures

Your community is bound by the governing documents and sometimes driven by "Policies and Procedures" set in motion by the Board of Directors. RAM has been able to strengthen a community with important and strategic updates to the Rules & Regulations. We have also saved associations thousands, by legal confirmation of sometimes what can be confusing interpretation of the governing documents. Successful Associations can only strive with good Association Management.  RAM has helped umbrella positive business practices by referring the best legal counsel, and vendors for our associations. Members have a fiduciary responsibility to operate any corporation on what is best for the overall good of its community. We are here to help maintain discipline day-to day operations leading to a harmonious association. 

Do you know unit owners' rights and responsibilities? Feel free to review link above

Residential Apartment Building

Vendor and Maintenance Oversight

Vendor Compliance and Estimates

Our associations should have a written manual plan of future and past maintenance accomplishments. RAM will help continue to implement those goals. Having a combined 20 years experience in the Real Estate Field has enabled us to form relationships with quality vendors. We assist associations with bidding, vendor document verification, and oversight of many projects. Grounds control, security, elevators, concrete restoration, paint/concrete, and a vast amount of maintenance. RAM has experience in small associations and large associations. Lets put procedures and plans into place to preserve a healthy maintenance community. Please always remember its always smart to have all vendor contracts reviewed by the associations attorney. 


Our Associations

Royal Oaks Townhouse Condo Association 

Beach Island Resort Timeshare & Hotel
Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Isles Association, Inc
Cocoa Beach

Ocean Breeze Owners Association, Inc
Indian Harbor Beach

Hidden Grove Condo
Meritt Island

Exceptional Services

Communication & Technology

Rocket Association Management offers Advances Technoloy with a complete all in one online management platform to track and implement efficient communication between BOD, members, and vendors. This mobile platform is easy to use and can easily accept, ARC reviews, maintenance requests, and other support for all members of the community. Emails, text messages, and documentation is captured through the management platform for future reference.  RAM strives for immediate and productive communication to support the Board of Directors. Communication and technology advancement is key to successfully operating the day-to-day corporation.


Record Keeping & Accounting

Additional Features and services include basic accounting for your association. This saves associations from expensing other financial platforms and lessons expenses for year-end accounting including tax preparation. Owners can log onto their phone or desk-top computer and pay fees by ACH, debit card, and even Credit Card. Stop frivolous banking fees, and obtain association income faster! Each month the BOD will receive P&L, Bank Balancing, and all payments are recorded with documentation. Let us show you how our advancements will save time and stress in the most important aspect of association management.

Estoppels and Condo Questionnaires 

Following Florida Statutes is very important and should never be deviated.  Association Management responsibilities at least should include these basic services and should be implemented immediately. RAM will never put an association at risk when not following the completion of these important documents.

Needing Property Management of your Investment portfolio or on individual properties? Click below for more services we can provide. 

Rocket Launch

718 and 720 Florida Statutes


We Represent Home Owner's Associations

We Represent Condos

Renovated Building

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Rocket Association Management is committed to exceeding your needs. Questions, comments or special requests? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out today..

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