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Welcome to RAM-Rocket Association Management

Rocket Association Management (RAM) launches into Brevard offering the most effective, professional, and adequate Management platform and representation. We soar above minimal expectations for association corporations.

Members of Condo Associations or Homeowners Associations will have access to an expanded virtual, payment, communication, maintenance, and document system.

Most of all, a dedicated and Licensed Association Manager will customize and personalize the needs of the volunteering Board of Directors. Assistance with the day-to-day operations most efficiently and in less time, is important for the best function of a strong governing BOD. We count down the steps and compliance of the governing documents, knowledge of accounting, prompt maintenance, while striving to maintain communities in compliance of Florida Statutes.

Our competitive management structure gives us the position to offer more orbiting services than other companies. We have helped implement the best policy and procedures to save our associations in vast areas of their budget.

Experience the RAM-CAM way! If you are looking for a strong lift off to healthy operations, orbiting representation, and a mission of success, email your launch team at

Sincerely, Rachel DeCamp, LCAM 50050 Owner/CEO

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